A former reporter of the Hendon and Finchley Times has published a book inspired by a work of Roald Dahl that won FutureBook Children’s Book of the Year.

Last year Miriam Craig was one of the writers on a book published in partnership with the estate of Roald Dahl. It’s a personalised book that builds on the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to tell the story of a child’s trip around the factory – you type your child’s name into the website and the book that’s printed is personalised in complex ways according to their name.

Miriam says: “I’ve also written children’s fiction for the fiction packager Working Partners, as well as writing my own stories and poems for kids.”

She will be running creative writing workshops for children aged between eight and 11 year olds in North Finchley, from July 24 to August 3.

“We’ll be creating worlds inspired by mysterious maps, mastering the art of the haiku, learning how to write the yuckiest and most vivid descriptions possible, and making plasticine monsters to star in our stories,” Miriam explains.

“These sessions will be held in small groups and are about fostering creativity, boosting confidence and having fun. We’ll write stories and poems as well as more unconventional forms, whether it’s a monster’s to-do list or a ship captain’s log. Every workshop will give children techniques for making their writing vivid, imaginative and engaging.”

More details at miriamcraig.com