A woman says she is living in a nightmare after food waste was left to rot in bins below her home.

Bea Buck, 49, of High Road, Finchley, says staff at KFC in High Road have been dumping food waste in bins near her home in Percy Road.

Workers at the chicken restaurant stopped using their bins behind their restaurant due to waste management firm, Biffa having difficulties in getting them emptied.

Due to these problems, staff and Biffa moved their collection point to the corner of Percy Road.

But the bins were too small and began overflowing and leaking liquid into the street, attracting animals.

Ms Buck said: “It’s a nightmare.

“There are flies and wasps everywhere.

“I do not understand why they can’t get them collected.

“I have tried to work with them, but they seem not to care and treat me like I am being difficult but would they like this outside their home or shop.

“We never had an issue with any previous food restaurant; they would wheel their bin out at night and take it back in first thing in the morning.

“We have to use a net now because of all the flies and wasps that are attracted to the filth.”

Barnet Council said it is aware of waste being left outside Ms Buck’s house and if the problem is not resolved it will treat the action by KFC staff as fly tipping.

A spokesperson said: “We are aware of the situation regarding the excess rubbish belonging to KFC in Percy Road.

“We will be visiting the management at KFC shortly to speak to them about their responsibility to operate their business in a way that does not impact on the quality of life for residents.

“If they don’t take necessary action in a timely manner, we will treat this as flytipping and take the relevant enforcement action.”

KFC has installed larger bins in Percy Road since Wednesday.

A KFC spokesperson said: “We always aim to be a good neighbour, so have been in touch with the resident about the issue at our Finchley Road restaurant.

“We’ve ordered a larger bin that holds much more rubbish, which will keep the area around the restaurant clean and tidy to the standards we expect.”