A 65-year-old woman was left injured and scarred after being mauled by a dog outside her home.

Sasha Rodoy, of Elm Way, Friern Barnet, was attacked by an Alsatian while out walking her five-year-old miniature schnauzer, Zowzer, on August 5.

The Alsatian clamped its jaw around Ms Rodoy’s calf and sunk its teeth into her thigh.

Despite being in excruciating pain, she managed to pull the dog off her by the collar, but the hound attacked again and sunk his teeth into her thigh. He then clamped his jaw on Ms Rodoy’s calf.

When the dog was finally pulled off, Ms Rodoy had lost a lot of blood.

She is now is suffering from post-traumatic stress after the attack.

She said: “I’m terrified of big dogs now, I usually love dogs and always have.

“After what happened, I physically get sick when I see an Alsatian.

“I’m a complete nervous wreck now.”

The attack happened at around 7.30pm when Ms Rodoy stopped to talk to a neighbour.

When Zowzer barked, the Alsatian suddenly appeared, rushing towards the schnauzer.

Ms Rodoy stepped in the way of the Alsatian to protect her pet who was cowering behind her.

She was taken to Whittington Hospital in Magdala Avenue, Archway, by ambulance.

The attack lasted only minutes, but the 65-year-old stayed in the hospital until 3am.

She had five stitches and three punctures in her calf and four butterfly stitches in her thigh.

The attack has left her with lasting scars, at the pet shop Pets At Home she even hid from an Alsatian that was at the store.

She said: “I was at a shop and when I saw a German shepherd I ran behind a shelf and hid until the family with the dog left.

“When people say they don’t like dogs because they were bitten when they were a child, I totally understand them now.

“I now walk with a limp, and when I hear my own dog bark I now flinch.”

The dog was taken away by police shortly after the attack and Ms Rodoy says she is terrified if the dog was to return.