A parade has caused delays with heavy amounts of traffic.


There are delays on the A402 Bayswater Road both ways from Westbourne Street to Cumberland Gate.

The traffic delays are due to the slow moving Ashura Day Procession.

There are delays on the A501 Euston Road both ways from A5 Edgware Road to Pancras Road.

Delays on A5 Edgware Road both ways from A5205 Saint John's Wood Road to Cumberland Gate.

Due to the sheer weight in traffic at Marble Arch following Ashura Day Procession.

There is queueing traffic and traffic heavier than normal on All approaches around Stirling Corner.

There are queues backing up on Hampstead High Street because of a traffic signal control computer not working.


It will be windy, with rain spreading east overnight.

There will be a spell of heavier rain and strong blustery winds then likely after midnight, before clearing to drier, but still windy with showers by dawn.

The minimum today will be temperature 9C.


There is good service on all lines.