Well I have managed to hang onto the wreckage for another week and so I hope you have also as I enjoy your company. I must admit I am once again hooked at weekends to the return of Strictly Come Dancing and the viewing figures have been huge, even without many well-known celebs taking part this year.

I would like to see the show being shot but I could never put up with such a long day. Apparently people queue with their tickets outdoors from 6am onwards. Then eventually the lucky ones get stamped and can go away and return later in the afternoon. Once admitted the studio goes into a security lock down and the audience are seated. You then sit through the live show and then after a gap remain for the results show that is recorded and aired the next evening. To me, that is a long day but the demand for tickets is huge and I am sure those who attend enjoy the magic of the show and if lucky may even see themselves on screen.

I used to go to a lot of recordings across the road when it was ATV in the 1960s and 1970s. They were fun and were usually quiz shows or variety shows. The last show I saw recorded at Elstree Studios was in 2007. It was Dancing On Ice and I was a guest of a celeb who was attending so we were able to enjoy the bar before being ushered to our seats. In the interval Bradley Walsh invited us for another drink in the green room so I have no idea who won, especially as there were drinks afterwards in the bar. Now that to me is a rather civilised way to enjoy such an occasion. You can see I have been spoilt.

Now if you want to impress me, today the way to go is to devote a film season honouring the unique movie heritage of Elstree Studios and that is just what Letchmore Heath Film Society have done.

They are screening a number of films from October until next summer starting with Saving Private Ryan on Sunday, followed by The Shining on October 31 and Star Wars on December 2. Each showing starts at 7.30pm and the tickets are only £5 for adults and £3 for under 18s.

What I like is they are raising funds for the Aldenham War Memorial Hall, situated in Grange Lane. For those of you with those new fangled car gadgets called sat nabs the postal code is WD25 8DY.

The films will be screened in the hall, which has its own film history. It was used in the classic 1960s horror film Village Of The Damned and I recall meeting Trevor Howard there when they were filming The Shillingbury Blowers which must have been the early 1980s.

I will hopefully be attending two of the three screenings, starting with Saving Private Ryan, which utilised Elstree in pre-production and built a wonderful battle torn village set in Hatfield. I may even take along the replica rifle I was presented with that was used in the film. I just hope I don't get stopped by the police or this column will be coming from Dartmoor next time.

I think I can sit through Star Wars again, but not The Shining which has a legion of fans but not me. I remember the great sets built at Elstree including the exterior of the hotel covered with fake snow that blocked up the studio drains. I recall one of our sound stages burnt down and Kubrick was a nightmare at sticking to a timetable. The film looked great but alas the acting did nothing for me. Jack Nicholson seemed mad to me from the beginning and I would not have even gone on a day trip to Brighton with his character. As for the leading lady, I found her so annoying I was cheering every time Jack's character came close to killing her. However, it is being shown on Halloween so why not go in costume, but perhaps without a chopper .

Until next time, unless I have been sent down the river to serve a long stretch for carrying a replica weapon in public, I hope we meet again. If not, don't forget to send me a cake with a file in it as I am too old to dig a tunnel.