If you've been thinking about buying a house but don't think your salary is high enough, these figures might surprise you.

TotallyMoney has revealed how much Londoners must earn to afford a one-bedroom property across the London Underground, Overground and DLR stations.

The research took median prices of one-bedroom properties available within one kilometre of each station, assumed a 10 per cent deposit and 40 per cent of earnings being spent of monthly repayments of a standard 25 year mortgage. PAYE and NI was also factored in across all tax bands.

The cheapest properties are found in both Redbridge and Newbury Park, where an annual salary of £17,400 is required to buy a property. Oakwood was a close third, at £17,600.

In Croxley, you need to earn £25,500 for a one bedroom, £26,400 for Chigwell and £27,300 for Wanstead.

Unsurprisingly the most expensive property is found in Knightsbridge, where an annual salary of £248,600 would be required to secure a mortgage.

The most expensive stations can be found in central London.

In Moorgate, you need an annual salary of £158,700, Bank is £165,500 and Bond Street is £173,400. The plush Hyde Park Corner needs an average salary of £230,000.

With an average salary of just over £28,000 nurses would only be able to afford to live near 2 per cent of all London Underground, Overground, and DLR stations.