A cat made a daring escape from his foster carers despite having a broken leg.

Tabby cat Boris was being cared for in Shurland Avenue, East Barnet Village, after treatment for a leg fracture.

Kept in a crate while he recovered, Boris made his getaway when he was finally let out for some “fuss and attention” on September 14.

Fosterers last spotted Boris limping out of sight at speed with a blue cast on his leg.

He then dived into an overgrown area that backs onto Cranbrook Road, East Barnet Village.

The devastated foster carers and staff from the RSPCA have been searching for the cat since, including checking CCTV cameras in the area, sharing leaflets and leaving cat traps.

The animal charity is now appealing to people for any information or sightings of the neutered cat, who has distinct white marking on his paws and his chest and belly.

Anna White, of RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre, said: “We’re doing all we can to try and help the fosterers find poor Boris.

“There’s a big concern for his welfare as he was recovering from an operation to mend his fractured leg and even though he was wearing a plaster cast, this could have come off.

“There’s a risk of infection to the leg and he’s missing out on pain relief and antibiotics, so we’re really hoping people will help find him.

“There are dense nettles and brambles as well as a few isolated alleyways in the area where he was last seen so he could be hiding in there.

“If people could kindly keep their eyes open and perhaps try and organise little groups of walkers to help the search for him that would be really helpful.”

Boris is microchipped and his details have been registered on the DogLost website in the hope of reuniting the cat with the fosterers.

Anyone with information should contact 07399 289371 or 0300 123 0704 as soon as possible.