The Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner has no idea why nearly 800 cases of people carrying weapons were dropped without being investigated last year.

Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon revealed 793 cases of people carrying a weapon over the last 12 months were not “screened” – meaning they were dropped before being fully investigated.

She demanded to know why these cases were simply dropped but the deputy commissioner for the Metropolitan Police, Craig Mackey did not have an answer.

Mr Mackey said: “I couldn’t say why they were screened out because I haven’t seen the figures.

“It could be because incidents, such as people carrying knives, are reported to the police but these people aren’t found, and the cases are dropped.

“I genuinely don’t know.”

Despite a lack of clarity over the figures, Mr Mackey reassured the committee that the Violent Crime Taskforce, which was launched in April, was stemming violent crime in the capital.

Since it was launched the taskforce has made over 1,300 arrests, recovered 40 firearms, 340 knives and over 200 offensive weapons.

Mr Mackey says he will look into the issue further.