Travellers left mounds of rubbish to be cleared away after settling down on private land near a high street.

The travellers moved onto land behind the Railway Hotel in Edgware High Street on September 28.

They have since left the owner, BT, to clear up the site.

This has happened twice in the space of two weeks with an interval of 15 hours where police moved the travellers off and let BT clear the rubbish from the site.

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Neighbours say BT made attempts at securing the site from further trespassers but when the travellers came back a second time they cut locks on a gate to get back onto the land.

Barnet council and the police have said that they have been helping the owners in evicting the travellers and keeping them off its property.

According to pictures of the site, wood, tyres and furniture were dumped on the site with a fire appearing to be in one of them.

BT have been contacted for a comment.

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