Commuters are encountering slow traffic due to a broken down van on the M25.


There is slow traffic due to a broken down van on M25 clockwise from J22 to J23.

This has caused congestion to backing up on J21A.

All lanes are open after the van was moved to the hard shoulder following a brief hold of the traffic highway officers.

The motorway was re-opened at 4.30pm.

This is not the only problem faced by the M25 today, a crash at around 11.30am shut down part of the carriageway and traffic has been struggling to recover ever since.

Traffic is much heavier than normal the on A41 Westbound from Upper Bourne End Lane to Chesham Road - Delays on the eastbound carriageway have cleared.

Brentmead Place Northbound is partially blocked with slow traffic due to broken down vehicle from Hendon Way to Brent Street. Reports of a broken down vehicle out of camera shot.


It will be mainly cloudy at first with occasional clear spells developing, most likely later in the night.

Winds will become lighter inland where the odd rural mist and fog patch is possible, although coastal areas remaining breezier - Minimum temperature will be 6C.


There is good service on all lines.