People living next to a park felt “violated and ignored” after travellers moved onto the land behind their homes.

Travellers occupied Dollis Valley Greenwalk near Henlys Corner, Golders Green, three weeks ago – just a week after the park was refurbished.

People who live in Hurstwood Road are upset about the travellers, who they say are now riding quad bikes, cutting down trees for fire wood and lighting fires late into the evening.

Leibel Cowan, 40, lives in one of the houses backing onto the park.

He says having the travellers there feels like a violation of the neighbour’s space and privacy.

He said “It’s like a theme park in your own garden.

“This feels almost like after a burglary where you are upset because they entered your personal space and violated it.

“You are reminded of that all the time, every time you hear one of them ride a bike or break a twig.”

Mr Cowan says the inaction by authorities and TfL has made him feel frustrated and abandoned.

He added: “You feel ignored.

“The council and TfL are the only ones who can help us but they haven’t, we’ve been left to just get on with it.”

The park was recently refurbished by owner TfL, with repaved paths and new ornamental posts.

Mr Cowan added: “We haven’t had the ability to enjoy our park over the whole summer.

“People should be able to walk through the park at night but now people don’t feel it is safe.”

TfL is moving to evict the travellers from the site with a court order on Monday and is being helped by Barnet Council and police.

A council spokesman said: “We are aware of this site and are currently working with the private landowners and local policing team to address the situation.

“The landowner, Transport for London, issued proceedings for repossession of the land with the High Court on Monday.”

Graeme Craig, TfL’s director of commercial development said: “We have been working closely with the Barnet Council and the Metropolitan Police to take appropriate action regarding people currently occupying TfL land situated at the A406 near Henlys Corner.

“TfL is seeking a possession order through the court process with a view to removing the people as quickly as possible.”