“Totally unacceptable” plans to cut part of a bus route could leave elderly people having to walk more than a quarter of a mile to use the service.

Transport for London (TfL) is proposing to extend the 384 bus service from Quinta Drive, Barnet, to Edgware Bus Station.

But as part of these proposals the transport body wants to take out a number of stops, including those in the Bevan Estate.

TfL have said that people who usually use the service would be no further than 450m from a bus stop – but concerns have been raised that this would be a huge strain for elderly people in the Bevan Estate.

Campaigners have now started a petition to save the 384 service.

Linda Palmer of New Barnet said: “The removal of the hail and ride sections on the Bevan Estate part of the bus route is unacceptable.

“There are a lot of elderly people living on the Bevan Estate who use the bus to access lots of things. They need to get out to hospitals and shops so that bus service is really important to them.

“TfL are brushing aside the impact this will have on residents. This is an around-the-house local bus route.”

Ms Palmer wants people to write to TfL before the deadline for the consultation ends on November 9.

She added: “TfL need to know how many people object to the plans because the consultation is very brief, and the appeal window is very short. They need to take local people’s view into account.”

Joshua Yates has been handing out flyers as well as getting people to sign the petition.

Mr Yates lives in Holloway but takes the 384 bus from New Barnet station when he visits his sister.

He said: “That bus has been going since 1990. Lots of people use the service, especially older people and people with reduced ability.

“This would mean people would have further to go to get the bus and it’s a very hilly area. That will be hard for people with reduced mobility and the elderly.

“The bus service helps people connect with the community. Cutting it will inhibit people’s ability to go out.”

He added: “These proposals were done by someone who doesn’t really know the area. This should not be done at the cost of the people it serves.”

Labour East Barnet councillors are also supporting the campaign.