Avocado on toast is so passé. There’s a new kid on the block and he’s sweeter, pinker and tastier than it’s hipster cousin: beetroot on toast.

From the outside, Mill & Brew looks like no different to the other countless café places dotted along the high street, but it’s certainty one of Mill Hill’s cosier joints.

It has a homey feel to it and is the perfect place to unwind for brunch before a busy day ahead.

This place is really popular with families but we were led to a table at the back of the restaurant, where it was quieter and more chilled.

I am usually guilty of deciding what I am going to order before arriving at a restaurant but with an array of unique choices, I knew this was going to be a tough one.

We picked avocado chilli and lime on toast (£7.50) because were are millennials after all, and who needs to buy a house anyway? The avocado was creamy and moreish, paired nicely with a touch of chili and lime.

Feeling indulgent, we also ordered the truffles mushrooms on toast (£7.50), another delicious dish. It was covered with lashings of cheese which gave it that perfect, melt in your mouth consistency without feeling too heavy.

But the piece de resistance was the beetroot on toast.

Head chef Aidan Mannion wanted to create something a little more unique, and this certainly fits the bill. It was so beautifully presented that we were almost too afraid to eat it.

I have to admit it is one of the best brunch dishes I have ever eaten: the saltiness of the pistachios complimented the sweet yet tangy taste of the beetroot.

The bread was perfectly baked and homemade, not too heavy or stodgy.

And because we clearly hadn’t already ordered enough, we picked the baked eggs in tomato sauce. You could tell the eggs were top quality, silky, smooth and so flavourful we ate the whole thing within minutes.

Mr Mannion then bought out a tasting platter of baked beans, hollandaise sauce and homous. The homous was mouth-watering, the hollandaise was perfectly creamy and even though my guest and I both dislike baked beans, these were homemade, lightly spiced and doused with delicate tomato sauce. My guest and I both agreed we could easily eat a whole bowl.

There are plenty of other choices if you’re looking for something a bit lighter – including organic oatmeal porridge (£6.95) or a yoghurt and fruit salad (£6.50).

It also features more traditional breakfast items if you need something a bit heavy, including a veggie breakfast bun which comes with halloumi (£6.75) and your typical breakfast bun complete with sausages and eggs (£6.75).

I’ll definitely be back here because we didn’t get the chance to try out the lunch menu, which features a range of salads, burgers and wraps.

And of course, for more beetroot on toast. If avocado on toast is the reason millennials can’t afford to buy a house, beetroot on toast will be the reason none of us can afford cars in the future…