People campaigning against proposals to cut part of a “community” bus route are taking their fight to City Hall.

Transport for London (TfL) is currently proposing to extend the 384 bus service from Quinta Drive, Barnet, to Edgware Bus Station.

But as part of these proposals, the transport body wants to take out a number of stops, including those in the Bevan Estate, which is crucial for elderly people wanting to travel around Barnet.

Now Labour Councillor for East Barnet, Jo Cooper, and other campaigners have started a written petition against the proposals, which they will hand to Andrew Dismore, London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden, at City Hall on November 1.

Mr Dismore will pass the petition on to TfL after.

Cllr Cooper said: “The bus service caters for older residents and cutting part of this service will take away people’s independence and restrict people’s freedom.

“There is a risk people will become isolated and not be able to do the things they did before such as going to the shops, supermarket or seeing friends.

“I just think the community aspect of the bus service is being lost.”

As part of TfL’s plans, which are open for public consultation until November 9, neighbours on the Bevan Estate will be forced to walk up to 450 metres to take a bus.

The new planned bus route will mean the service no longer stops at New Barnet station or the two major supermarkets in High Barnet – Aldi and Sainsburys.

She said: “I think Barnet needs more transport, but I don’t think changing this bus route is the answer.

“450 metres is a long way if you have mobility problems, if you are older, have young kids, or if you are disabled, and the roads are quite hilly.

“In order for it to serve as a community bus route it must serve the supermarkets and station. The service needs to remain as a community bus in Barnet.”

As well as handing in the written petition, there are two online petitions calling for TfL to reconsider cutting the 384 service – the three petitions combined now have over a thousand signatures.

Geoff Hobbs, director of public transport service planning for TfL, said: “Our proposals for the 384 would create a more direct service across Barnet between Edgware and Cockfosters. They would provide a new direct link to Barnet Hospital and the Jewish Community Secondary School from Mill Hill and Edgware.

“It is important that we hear from people in the area, so we can consider all views expressed in the consultation. This will help us shape our plans to serve the local community.”