Hertsmere MP Oliver Dowden has had his say on Brexit and calls for a second referendum.

He said: "I stood on a manifesto in 2015 of giving people a vote on EU membership. We won that election and MPs voted overwhelmingly to hold a referendum. I think it was the right thing to do as people had not had their say on a relationship with Europe which had changed immeasurably since the 1970s.

"It was a hard fought campaign and both sides put their arguments vigorously. Having considered the arguments, people in Hertsmere and the UK voted narrowly but clearly to leave.

"Whilst I supported Remain, my job now is to deliver on this decision. This was something I stood for in 2017 and was supported overwhelmingly by members on all sides in Parliament when we invoked Article 50.

"We have been in the EU and its predecessors for nearly 40 years so it was always going to be a difficult and challenging negotiation. I am though confident that we can reach a deal where we restore control over migration, leave the common fisheries and agricultural policies and control our own budgets again.

"Parliament will have final say over the deal and I will consider my position on it very carefully, reflecting on all representations from constituents. I do not though believe we require another referendum as the British people have already voted to leave. Whilst I understand the frustrations of those who supported Remain, another referendum would undermine people’s trust in politicians’ commitment to delivering on that original vote and incentivise the EU into giving us a bad deal."

South West Hertfordshire MP David Gauke and Hemel Hempstead MP Sir Mike Penning did not respond to the Observer’s requests for comment.