A BARNET councillor has hailed tomorrow's scheduled reopening of Partingdale Lane as a 'victory for democracy'.

The road was used as a shortcut between Woodside Park and Mill Hill before it was closed at one end, three-and-a-half years ago, because it was narrow and had blind bends and no pavements.

Residents have regularly protested against its reopening, but as the £250,000 safety improvement project neared completion, Councillor Brian Coleman claimed the reopening as a victory for democracy.

Mr Coleman said: "It's been a ten-year campaign against a huge injustice to the many thousands of Mill Hill residents who have used the road for 125 years.

"The residents have fought another dirty campaign to keep their property prices up and they've lost. It's been rejected by the electorate and democracy has won."

Safety measures implemented by Barnet Council include a pavement and traffic islands at The Ridgeway entrance to the road, 20mph flashing speed-limit signs and width restrictions to prevent lorries from using it as a rat-run.

But Peggy Sherwood, who lives in Partingdale Lane, said: "There will be an accident. It's still a very unsafe country lane. There's nothing we can do apart from campaign and hope that the council sees sense."