People campaigning against proposals to cut part of a bus route that could see “vulnerable” people become isolated have taken their fight to City Hall.

Campaigners from Barnet handed a petition to London Assembly member for Barnet and Camden, Andrew Dismore, earlier today, which called for Transport for London (TfL), to rethink proposals to cut the 384 bus service.

TfL is currently proposing to extend the 384 bus service from Quinta Drive, Barnet, to Edgware Bus Station.

But as part of these proposals, the transport body wants to take out a number of stops, including those in the Bevan Estate, which are crucial for elderly people travelling around Barnet.

Labour Councillor for East Barnet, Jo Cooper, was one of the campaigners helping to distribute the petition who came to City Hall today.

Ms Cooper said: “If TfL changes the route it will make people who are able to use the service and be independent become more vulnerable.

“We need to make sure people are as independent as possible and they don’t become isolated.”

As part of TfL’s plans, which are open for public consultation until November 9, neighbours on the Bevan Estate will be forced to walk up to 450 metres to take a bus.

The new planned bus route will also mean the service no longer stops at New Barnet station or the two major supermarkets in High Barnet – Aldi and Sainsburys.

Ms Cooper said: “450 metres is a long way to walk to another bus stop, it’s half a kilometre which is quite a distance. For the elderly or people with young children it is a long way.

“The routes are quite hilly and difficult to navigate, if you have mobility problems or are elderly it’s worse.

“We know transport in the borough needs to be improved but changing this route is not the way to go about it.”

As well as the written petition, there are two online petitions calling for TfL to reconsider cutting the 384 service – the three petitions combined now have about 1,700 signatures.

Ms Dismore, who has met with TfL previously to discuss the issue of the proposed changes on the 384 bus services said he hopes the petition will “hold weight with TfL”.

He added: “Most people don’t hear about the TfL consultations until they are nearly over and these councillors have done a good job of bringing the petition to a lot of people.

“It is better than getting individuals to write a letter into TfL.”

Mr Dismore will pass the petition on the deputy mayor for transport, Heidi Alexander.