Proposals to introduce a pedestrian crossing at a major roundabout will be going ahead, subject to funding.

Transport for London released plans earlier this year to create a toucan crossing at Stirling Corner roundabout, near Borehamwood.

Following a consultation, in which only ten people responded, TfL has decided to press ahead with the plans as long as they can get the funding for it.

It means that a crossing will be installed on the A1 on the south side of the roundabout which will allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross safely together.

TfL believes the crossing will allow safer access between shops and nearby facilities. There are currently no pedestrian crossing lights but there are traffic lights which force drivers approaching the roundabout on the A1 and Barnet Lane, from the direction of Arkley, to stop.

Of the ten people that responded to the consultation, eight were in support of the proposals. The remaining two opposed the plans.

Concerns were raised about the speed of traffic but TfL acknowledged that the limit has reduced to 50mph from 70mph which it says has reduced the number of crashes.

Three people said TfL should consider alternative crossing locations but the transport body said that the A1 south side is the “desired location”.

A toucan crossing is larger in size than a normal pedestrian crossing which means the carriageway will need to be widened. The pavement will also be resurfaced to include a textured surface which will help people with visual impairments.

Subject to funding, TfL aim to install the crossing in 2020.