A father was left shocked after finding an assault rifle in a toy shop while out with his one-year-old son.

Andrew Thorp was in Christmas Wonderland in Palace Garden Shopping Centre in Enfield Town with his toddler, Oscar, when something caught his eye.

It was a light gun styled around an AK 47 with a plastic bayonet, a knife attached to the end of the gun.

The toy was on sale for children aged three and above.

The 37-year-old, who also has another son, James, four, said: “

It’s an assault rifle.

“If I saw my son open up his present and got this I would be horrified.

“There is only one purpose to a gun and that’s to kill people, as a father I don’t want to see my sons pretend to stab people.”

Mr Thorp left the shop without speaking to any of the staff about the gun, but was disturbed at what he claims was the insensitivity during a rise in knife and gun crime in Enfield.

He added: “It’s just the realism of the toy I have a problem with and that it’s for kids aged three and above.

“I don’t think its right to have kids play with such things.”

The manager at Christmas Wonderland, Kelly Magnus, defended her decision to sell it.

She said: “I am a retailer of Christmas novelty goods and my intention is to spread Christmas cheer, and not to cause offence to any member of the public.

“Toy guns have been a big seller in the novelty goods industry for many years.

“In fact, five minutes research on Google will demonstrate that these items are for sale on international websites such as Amazon, EBay and the Kids Army Store.

“I believe we comply with the British Toy and Hobby Association guidelines, and therefore I offer no personal opinion on the much wider issue of gun sales.

“Happy Christmas to all of our valued customers.”