A woman was “incensed” after finding a pet owner had smeared dog poo on posters she put up telling people to clean up after their dogs.

Karin Ilsen, of Tretawn Park, Mill Hill, was disgusted when she saw a man on CCTV plucking up his dog’s mess and sticking it onto the notes she left up at around 10am yesterday.

She has two signs on her gate post - one asking people to pick up their dog poo and the other one warning she has CCTV. She has also affixed one on the tree outside her house.

She said: “We have a big problem with people using the road as a place for their dogs to relieve themselves without picking up the offending mess.

“There are several polite requests on trees and fences in the road asking people to pick up their dog poo.”

Karen was not pleased with the discovery and refuses to get rid of the poo.

She says it is still up there until the disgusting culprit wipes it off himself.

Karen shared a picture of the poo on social media and with her neighbourhood watch group.

She stuck up a CCTV image of the man underneath a note asking him to remove the ‘offending’ turd.

What really upset her was the casual way in which the man did the act and how inoffensive the poster was.

She said: “He made a beeline for it as if he’d already intended to target the poster on his way past

“I think he was being spitefully ironic - That was vindictive at the very least.”

Karin did not report the incident to the police.