Hundreds of loaves have been repackaged in recyclable plastic as part of a ‘bread amnesty’

Volunteers from Roberts Bakery rose to the occasion to give their repackaged loaves over to the Finchley Foodbank in High Road, East Finchley.

Taking place across north London, the aim of the amnesty was to highlight the problem of plastic packaging in the nation’s bread aisles.

The amnesty saw bread buyers trade in their hard-to-recycle plastic-wrapped loaves for Roberts’ Bloomers packaged in materials that can be collected and recycled.

Roberts’ MD Stuart Spencer-Calnan said: “We keep saying it, but single use plastic in bread aisles is a big problem.

“The industry produces the equivalent weight of the Eiffel Tower each year in plastic - most of which ends up in landfill.

“Things simply must change so we thought we’d prompt it with our first bread amnesty.”