A member of the European Parliament has branded the Prime Minister’s political declaration as “19 pages of waffle”.

Labour MEP for East of England Alex Mayer said Theresa May’s claim she secured the “right deal” following the publication of the draft political declaration is a “complete failure” after two years of negotiations.

Ms Mayer also said the document failed to protect frictionless trade for UK businesses.

“Theresa May has added nineteen pages of waffle to her “political declaration”’, she said.

“It’s an “aim to provide" visa free travel, she wants to “consider appropriate arrangements” for cooperation on space, and “explore the possibility” of working together on medicine regulation.

"It’s not good enough. This could have been written two years ago. What Britain needs to a plan to protect jobs, workplace rights and environmental standards.

"Where’s the promised frictionless trade for UK businesses? Where’s the certainty about our future relationship with our closest neighbours and partners?

"Taken together, the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration are a complete failure after two wasted years of negotiations.”