A police officer with only a Taser took on six suspects - one of whom was armed with a gun.

Police were called by an off-duty Special Constable to a suspected burglary in progress at a house being used as a cannabis factory in Hall Lane, Barnet, just before 4.00am today.

Police arrived at the scene within four minutes and several suspects made off on foot and in two cars.

One of the cars was chased by police for a short time, but the pursuit was abandoned due to the dangerous driving of the suspects’ vehicle - The second car was not pursued.

Six suspects on foot were challenged by a female police officer, PC Christie Donald.

PC Donald had one suspect, a man, run at her which is when she pulled out her Taser and gave him a shock - Following the tasering, she was able to detain him.

A second suspect was arrested, both of whom were taken into police custody.

A pistol and ammunition were recovered at the scene.

There are still four to six outstanding suspects. Some of whom made off on foot while the others left in two vehicles.

North West Area Commander Simon Rose said: “Police were called by an off duty special constable from Barnet to the burglary just before 4am.

“Whilst this turned out to be a burglary of a cannabis factory the response by my officers including, PC Christie Donald challenging the suspects as they ran towards her, tasering one and recovering the firearm demonstrates the split second, potentially life or death decision making, that officers are required to make every day.

“I am immensely proud of Christie and all the team.

“We have arrested two suspects but still have outstanding suspects to apprehend.

“The investigation team will take this forward however, we welcome anyone with information relating to this matter, to report it through to us either online or by dialling 101.”

Enquiries are ongoing to identify and trace the outstanding suspects and vehicles.