An exhibit of multi-sensory art is on display for shoppers to experience.

The Spires shopping centre in High Street, Chipping Barnet, is hosting a display from artist Dan Kirschner, who is be showcasing a selection of his work from Monday to Sunday.

Mr Kirschner took up art at the age of 53, when he found himself with more time on his hands.

As he became more involved in art, he decided to channel his feelings and thoughts evoked by music into visual art.

Alongside several of his paintings that will be on display, shoppers will have the opportunity to listen to the musical masterpieces which influenced his work and to witness the transformation of sound into image.

Dan said: “What makes this exhibition so exciting is that it goes beyond just listening and viewing; Barnet art lovers have a rare opportunity to experience art in a multi-sensory way.

“In showcasing my work and my approach, I hope others can share the excitement of art and being able to express oneself.

“The Spires has been superb in helping to make this show a reality.”