More Government funding is needed to deliver housing in the capital, say the Mayor of London’s deputies, as Mr Khan comes under fire for not building enough affordable homes in the capital.

A report published by the London Assembly housing committee revealed the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is failing to meet his target for the number of new affordable homes being built in the capital.

Mr Khan committed to building 116,000 new affordable homes by 2022 – between 12,500 to 16,500 a year.

Last year only 12,555 started being built- just over the lower end of his target range and in the same year only 5,500 of these affordable homes were completed.

But London’s deputy mayor for housing, James Murray, defended Mr Khan during a London Assembly housing committee meeting earlier today.

Mr Murray said: “We need Government funding to deliver those homes. When we see a good change in the number of affordable houses being built is when the Government responds to our needs.”

Mr Murray also blamed the former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, for the lack of affordable housing being built in London.

Mr Khan secured £4.82 billion of government funding to start building 116,000 new affordable homes by 2022 but most of London’s affordable homes are part funded by mayoral funding.

Others are built by the private sector as part of planning obligations for new developments by London boroughs.

The report also pointed out that no London borough’s have met Mr Khan’s target for building 40 per cent of new affordable homes in the borough.

Commenting on the report, the chairman of the housing committee, Sian Berry, said: “The Mayor is letting down Londoners, he promised us more affordable housing but so far has fallen very short of his promises, particularly on social housing which is our greatest need.

“With young and lower-income people suffering the most from the housing crisis, we can’t wait much longer for his policies to kick in.

“The Mayor must fulfil his pledges. It is in his power to ease the housing crisis and meet his targets – especially as he has received new funding.

“There is now no excuse for genuinely affordable housing to be out of reach for Londoners who want a secure home.”