Transport for London (TfL) has warned there have not been “nearly enough” reductions in the number of deaths and serious injuries on the capital’s roads.

And a senior transport manager said motorcyclists – some of the most vulnerable road users – should be allowed to use bus lanes in all roads.

The comments were made during a London Assembly transport committee meeting yesterday to discuss the Mayor of London’s Healthy Streets Approach – plans by Mr Khan and TfL to get more people in the capital to walk and cycle.

Assembly member Keith Prince wanted to know how Mr Khan’s Vision Zero plans were progressing – a goal set by Mr Khan and TfL to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London’s roads by 2041.

Gareth Powell, managing director for surface transport at TfL said: “We have seen some real reductions over the past two years. However, it has not been nearly enough, and it is not moving as quickly as any of us wanted.

“No one wants to see any harm come to individuals because of road activity.”

In 2017 a total of 131 people were killed on London’s roads and 3,750 were seriously injuries – a two per cent increase from 2016.

Mr Powell added: “There have been long and concerted efforts to improve road safety, but it will take people working in these areas to really reduce road danger.

“It is going to require all those who work in and around this field to adopt and attitude which will lead to improvements in the future.”

But Mr Prince also wanted to know what was going to be done to reduce the number of motorcycle casualties on London’s roads.

He said: “We have not seen that reduction for the most vulnerable road users – those with motorcycles.”

Motorcycle and scooter riders made up 17 per cent of casualties on London’s roads in 2017 and the deaths of motorcyclists on London’s roads have increased 13 per cent on a five-year average.

Mr Prince argued people on motorcycles should be allowed to ride in bus lanes of all roads, not just TfL roads, because it was safer.

Motorcyclists are currently allowed to ride in bus lanes on TfL roads.

But TfL is only responsible for five per cent of London’s road network – borough councils are responsible for the rest.

Mr Prince said: “If a motorcyclist can’t use a bus lane it means constantly facing oncoming traffic.

“As a motorcyclist I would rather pull out in to traffic I am not facing rather than pulling out into oncoming traffic going at a twice the speed.”