June saw the comedian Michael McIntyre robbed as he picked up his kids from a Golders Green School.

Two robbers used hammers to smash the windows of the comedian’s black Range Rover while he was parked in North End Road at 1.59pm on Monday.

Almost 6,000 people flocked to watch a two-day festival that re-enacted The Battle of Barnet over the weekend.

The festival, which took place on Byng Road playing fields, High Barnet, featured archery and cannon firing, as well as more than 150 re-enactors, many in full armour, engaging in combat. Organisers are now keen to make the festival an annual event.

Councillors called for tougher action to crack down on fly-tippers amid concerns existing penalties are not deterring offenders.

Labour member for Burnt Oak, Sara Conway, called for a “comprehensive and effective communications programme on education and enforcement” to address fly tipping on June 12.

Labour claims fly tipping costs the borough £500,000 a year.

A Miss England hopeful said being bullied as a child pushed her to give one of the biggest beauty pageants in the country a chance.

Anusha Sareen, of Cloister Gardens, in Edgware, was crowned Miss Middlesex in May and attempted to claim the Miss England crown.

She ultimately came eleventh and went on to try her hand at the international Miss India competition.