The London Assembly has thrown its weight behind the movement for a People’s Vote on Brexit.

Last night MPs voted against Britain leaving the EU without a deal, also calling on Theresa May to go back to Brussels to renegotiate.

As fears that the prime minister will be unsuccessful continue to grow, the London Assembly has suggested the UK’s future should lie with the people.

Len Duvall, the chairman of the EU exit working group, said: “The entire situation with the Brexit deal is a never-ending drama, with endless twists and turns, but no clarity in sight.

“Parliament still appears to be in deadlock and if the politicians fail to produce a solution that is ultimately accepted by Parliament, we need to go back to the British people for a final answer and a clear indication of what they want.

“The London Assembly has spoken directly with the Minister for London about the need to help London’s businesses, as many SMEs and microbusinesses are worried about how to prepare for a no-deal Brexit, which is still currently on the table.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said MPs were right to vote to reject a no-deal Brexit.

He argued that sending Ms May back to Brussels to renegotiate a deal which they EU already said they will not do is “delaying the inevitable”.

Mr Khan added: “In reality this makes the possibility of a no-deal Brexit more likely.

“This shows, once again, that it’s time to take this out of politicians’ hands, and give the public the final say on Brexit – with the option to stay in the EU.”