A badly injured puppy – with a broken vertebra – was found in a nursery.

An abandoned puppy with serious injuries was found in the garden of a children’s nursery in Colindale last week and is now recovering at Medivet Hendon.

The puppy, Peppino, is believed to be about seven months old, was noticed by a member of staff at the nursery in Colindale.

He was very thin and unable to use his back legs - He was dragging himself around the garden, clearly in pain.

The member of staff took the pup, a Schnauzer cross, to Medivet Hendon where he was examined by the veterinary team and found to have a broken vertebra in his spine, a severely broken back leg and an injury to one of his lungs. He was also seriously malnourished. 

Peppino is now being nursed back to health and has already had an operation to repair the broken vertebra. Veterinary surgeon and partner at Medivet Hendon, Dr Jerry Dunne, said: “We’re so glad that the person who found him brought him to us because he must have been in agony,”

He said: “He’s being looked after very well here and already seems much happier. Of course, we’ve all fallen in love with him so he’s getting plenty of attention.”

“We have carried out the first operation to fit a metal plate and screws to his damaged spine and, later this week, he will have further surgery to mend his broken back leg with another metal plate and screws.

“Because he is underweight, we will be keeping him here for a few weeks following the operation to ensure he makes a good recovery and reaches a healthier weight.”

Jerry Dunne added: “We don’t know how Peppino came to be injured and alone outside in the cold and he isn’t microchipped which would have helped us to trace his owner.

“Even if no owner comes forward, however, his future is looking much brighter because, once he has fully recovered, one of our vets, Natalia, plans to adopt him and he will have a wonderful home with her.

“We’d like to take this opportunity to remind all owners to get their pets microchipped.

“It’s inexpensive and painless and it makes it much more likely that you will be reunited with your pet should you become separated from them.”