The elderly residents of a care home have decried the proposals to remove their local medical practice.

The residents at Selig Court in Golders Green Road, have come to the Barnet Times with a letter they sent to health bosses in Barnet.

Ravenscroft Medical Practice in Golders Green Road treats thousands of patients in the area and staff have previously stated they were concerned about their elderly or more vulnerable patients.

Barnet CCG is undertaking a 12-week consultation surrounding its proposed movement of the practice to Finchley Memorial Hospital.

The residents in the letter say they have not been consulted about the proposal and are extremely worried because they use the practice regularly.

They said: “We worry about the detrimental impact that such a possible move could have on the lives of many elderly patients.

“What arrangements would be made to support the many elderly patients who would be quite unable to undertake these journeys to the far distant Finchley Memorial Hospital because of their mobility needs.

“The need for frequent or urgent visits and/or the considerable costs involved in hiring taxis and paying for carers as escorts.

“How would End Of Life care be facilitated from such a distance?”

Travel at present for the residents requires three buses as well as much walking, on each journey to and from the Hospital.

The CCG has reacted to the letter.

A spokesperson said: “The CCG appreciates that people will have concerns about this proposal.

“This is why it will shortly start a 12-week public consultation.

“During this process, patients and stakeholders will be able to give their views.

“No decision will be taken about the proposal to relocate Ravenscroft Medical Centre to Finchley Memorial Hospital until this consultation has been completed.

“Should the decision be made to relocate the Practice to Finchley Memorial Hospital, there will be no change to services currently delivered, including home visits, and no change in the quality of services patients receive.”