Reality TV contestant and fashion recruitment entrepreneur, Natalie Reynolds is on a mission to help new mums become successful businesspeople by turning their clutter and unwanted household items into cold hard cash using a few simple tips.

Natalie’s vision for a new wave of homemade self-starters came to her when she became a mother for the first time after appearing in series nine of the BBC’s The Apprentice in 2013.

The mother-of-two from Rickmansworth began feeling there were plenty of other new parents like her who could better employ their skills in starting and growing a business venture from home - which could elevate their self-esteem and empower them while boosting their bank balance.

Natalie launched her Instagram account, Natalife just over six months ago posting videos and advice on the best techniques to get started and in just a few short months her following has grown from 500 to 12,800.

The former Italia Conti music student now wants to give new mums up and down the county a confidence boost by teaching them how best to maximise their spare time and turn what can feel like an overwhelming home life into a lean, mean, money-making machine.

“My new idea is to give mums an opportunity because many cannot get a 9-5 job and the responsibility of caring for your children outweighs that,” she said.

“Your confidence levels can drop and that idea will certainly resonate with a lot of women out there, it’s a big reality shock going from the working environment to being on statutory maternity pay and some people just need help getting back into that working mindset. I certainly experienced that.

“A friend suggested to me that my low self-esteem might have been because I was out of the business world and not speaking to adults all day, making deals, having that routine. So, I just started discussing the matter on my blog and on Instagram.”

Natalie decided to take action. She purchased a pilot product and began selling it on eBay which she turned a huge profit on in just four months.

“In the first month I made £1,000, second month I made £2,000, £5,500 in the third month and then £8,500 in the fourth.

“The way I scaled the business is down to algorithms, the more you sell one item it boosts your product higher and more people then search for it.

“I began advertising my product using just one listing but I had more options therein and as my feedback and shipping ratings gradually improved, I was able to push my product and increase my sales – all from such a cheap initial product.

“I then decided to teach this formula to others. l mainly target mums, giving them the tools to save and make money, how to think about web design and organisation to motivate themselves and earn money around the house.

“I am encouraging them to declutter and clear their house and sell it to make a profit and then use that money to find new ventures and suppliers – to help them become homemade entrepreneurs.”

Natalie’s top tips for success in business are:

• “Wake up early before the kids because you have little time to get organised.”

• “Declutter - get rid of anything you don’t want.”

• “Write a list the night before of everything you want to achieve the next day, action it and then physically cross it off.”

• “Keep a written tracker of any profits and savings made each day, add it up at the end of the week so you can see where your finances are more clearly.”

She added: “It seems like obvious stuff but because of other responsibilities people sometimes need a bit of direction. When you’re organised you can be more productive. I get up at 5am, two hours before the kids so I can be more productive throughout the day and when one of my children is at school.”

Natalie advised keeping a little black book of useful contacts and suppliers made along the way that might not necessarily be listed on Google.

After she left The Apprentice, Natalie got married to husband Ollie and together they had daughters, Mimi and Sofia.

She set up a fashion industry recruitment company hiring mums to do freelance work from home using their laptops and telephones. Her latest venture is open to all - but she is particularly keen to help new mums who want to capitalise on skills they feel have become redundant by entering motherhood.

Natalie said she is hoping to announce a new company with her sister this April. The pair have been working on it for the last 18 months, but specific details are still under wraps.

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