Lucky people who received cash from a mystery millionaire are now one step closer to discovering where the money came from - after an author tracked him down.

For the last two year individuals across the country have received envelopes or Christmas cards containing a wad of cash from an anonymous donor, with a number of recipients having been based in Essex and Hertfordshire.

An amateur writer has now come forward to tell the incredible story of how he came to pen a book about the anonymous millionaire - who goes by the pseudonym Tom Jones.

Nick Fisher, 55, an amateur writer from Stockport, Greater Manchester, managed to track down the millionaire after receiving one of his donations last year.

He managed to get in contact with Mr Jones and sent him a copy of one of his books along with a thank you note.

After a number of emails, Mr Fisher eventually suggested the idea of writing a book about the millionaire's random acts of kindness.

Months later, the two worked together to pen "Giving Away My Millions", which details the incredible ways that the anonymous donor has given away his money.

Mr Fisher said: "Unbelievable I know but it's true - it really is a fantastic story.

"He is just the most generous guy - it's incredible."

According to the book's website, Mr Jones, who is worth in excess of £150 million, decided to start giving away his money to "brighten up someone's day".

The multi-millionaire, who is married with four children and lives in the Oxfordshire area, has given his money away in a number of unconventional ways.

He has sent thousands of pounds inside Christmas cards to people he has never met before as well as left wads of cash tucked in newspapers on the London Underground.

Mr Fisher first met the multi-millionaire in March last year.

Mr Jones approached Nick in a car park and asked him for £1 to buy a parking ticket as he had left his wallet at home.

Seeing he had a £150,000 Bentley, Mr Fisher started laughing but gave the man the pound anyway.

As he turned to walk away, the mystery millionaire handed Nick back his £1 coin along with two £50 notes - telling him to put it towards fixing the scuffs on his BMW.

He said: "He assured me it wasn't a wind up and it transpired that this was one of his tests he does where he rewards people for their generosity or acts of kindness."

In the run up to Christmas the anonymous donor sends out Christmas cards, selecting random addresses using Google street view.

The idea came to him when he saw an advert for the Postcode Lottery.

In January 2015, Councillor Dave Harris for Colchester, Essex, received an envelope containing an anonymous letter and £200 cash.

Mr Harris was just one of a number of people who have been sent hundreds of pounds through the post from the anonymous donor.

The kind-hearted councillor gave the money to three residents' associations and helped pay for a community fun day.

Six months later, he found another envelope containing £200, which he donated to the Hopper Bus which takes people to Abbey Field Medical Centre.

Giving Away My Millions, which recounts "the amazing true story of a very generous millionaire" was published on February 1 and can be purchased online.

The millionaire continues to perform random acts of kindness around the world and is adamant on keeping his identity a secret.

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