A man was found with a stab wound while a couple were threatened at gunpoint in two terrifying burglaries within 24 hours of each other.

On Valentine’s Day, a couple returned home to Totteridge after dinner out when they were ambushed by masked robbers and forced to give them more than £400,000 worth of goods.

The Met Police received a report of the aggravated burglary which took place at around 10.30pm. The homeowners had parked up in their driveway when a man wearing a balaclava appeared and pointed a handgun at them.

The robber forced the man to open their safe. Eight rare Rolex watches and rings were taken.

CCTV from the £3m house shows a Land Rover pull up and the armed driver emerge from the car before running into the driveway. He can be seen threatening a man before another man appears and points what is believed to be a gun at the female passenger.

As one armed man guarded the victim’s car preventing the woman from leaving, the other robber is inside the house before after around a minute he leaves and the criminals can be seen fleeing the driveway. They run into the car before speeding away.

The couple described the suspects as wearing black from head to toe and armed with black, eight-inch-long handguns. One was about 5ft 9in and white-skinned, with a cockney accent, and the second was about 6ft and had darker skin and an Asian-sounding accent.

Just 13 hours later, police were called to reports of a burglary in Arden Road, near Finchley.

The air ambulance, paramedics, and police arrived at the address to find a man in his 40s with a stab injury.

He was taken to hospital but his injuries were not deemed to be life-changing or life-threatening.

Police say they have received several reports in the last few months of aggravated burglaries targeting large homes in Barnet. The Met says officers have been assigned to look particularly at these types of crimes targeting wealthier residents.

No arrests have been yet in either incident.