A former police station will be converted into flats after councillors gave plans the go-ahead on Monday (March 4).

The planning committee’s decision means the former Police Station in Finchley Road will be partially demolished and turned into nine flats along with ground-floor office space and a roof terrace.

People living in nearby Temple Gardens told councillors putting yet more residential buildings in the area would lead to noise and parking problems and threaten their privacy.

The council received 14 objections to the scheme and no letters of support.

Mr Banerjee, who lives in Temple Gardens, told councillors: “When my family moved into that street 20 years ago, it was a quiet, residential street. Now we have got two blocks of flats, potentially.

“The increase in the number of residents dwelling in that area is enormous.”

Mr Banerjee complained planning officers had carried out parking surveys when the existing controlled parking zone was in operation.

He said the parking stress would be much greater at night, when parking restrictions were not in place.

Another Temple Gardens resident, Mrs Edozie, said the building “overlooks what used to be completely private gardens”.

She added: “There are likely to be raised voices and music. At present, residents on Temple Gardens can clearly hear the workmen.”

Plans to turn the building into four one-bedroom flats and five two-bedroom flats had previously been turned down because of the high density of the development.

But the developer amended the proposals to six one-bedroom and three two-bedroom flats in order to reduce the total number of occupants.

Although no parking spaces will be provided, people living in the flats will not be allowed permits to park in the nearby controlled parking zone.

A spokesperson for the applicant told the committee the development would not harm the character of the area.

They added: “The proposal is carefully designed to ensure it will not impact on neighbouring amenities.

“The envelope of the building is exactly the same, but there will be more amenity space.”

Cllr Mark Shooter, Conservative member for Hendon, said: “I understand the objections, but I don’t think there is a valid reason to turn this down. Any reason we give will be overturned at appeal.”

The application was approved after six committee members voted in favour of the proposals, with three voting against.