Matthew Bourne’s legendary and award-winning production of Swan Lake will be screened in cinemas nationwide on Tuesday, May 21.

New Adventures’ production of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake comes to cinemas with a fresh look for the 21st century and is as daring and beautiful as ever. This thrilling, audacious and witty production is best known for replacing the female corps-de-ballet with a menacing male ensemble, which shattered convention, turned tradition upside down and took the dance world by storm.

Playing the lead role of the Swan/Stranger is Edgware-born Will Bozier, who attended Tring Arts Educational School before becoming a professional dancer. He has appeared in West End musicals such as Wicked and Mamma Mia and has now joined New Adventures, Matthew Bourne’s dance company.

We sat down with him to discuss his dance career, working with an icon, and performing at the Olivier Awards.

What made you decide to become a dancer?

I started dancing when I was very young. My mum and dad sent me to after school dancing lessons three times a week with my sister. My teachers there spoke to my mum one day and said that they thought I had the potential to go further and maybe one day make a career of it. So my parents sent me to a vocational school where I received all of my training.

Tell us about your time at Tring Arts Educational School.

I had a wonderful time at Tring. I was there from the age of eleven to seventeen. I had some amazing teachers who taught me so much. The great thing about Tring is that you get a very well-rounded training. I did everything. Ballet, jazz, tap, singing and loads more, which I really think has helped me so far to do as different types of theatre and film. I also made some lifelong friends there who still to this day inspire me.

What is it like working with an iconic choreographer like Matthew Bourne?

Working with Matthew is great. He is an extremely smart and inspiring man. His attention to detail and storytelling are why his productions are so successful and loved throughout the world.

What can people expect from Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake?

They can expect to be taken away from reality for two hours. Swan Lake is Matthew’s (in my eyes) most iconic piece of theatre. The great thing about Swan Lake is that is has everything from drama to comedy. It’s not your typical ballet which I feel opens it up to a wider and younger audience who possibly don’t feel like ballet is their cup of tea.

How challenging is it to play the dual role of the Swan/Stranger in Swan Lake?

Extremely challenging. Dancing the role is very physically and mentally demanding. The fun bit is getting to show the differences between them. You have the Swan who is soft and elegant but sometimes wary and protective of itself as well as the Stranger who is dark and mysterious.

What was it like performing at the Olivier Awards?

It was the most amazing and surreal performance of my career so far. To be asked by Matthew to perform his work in celebration of his life achievements was a true honour.

What’s next for you?

For me this role has been my lifelong dream, so I really am not sure. I always wanted a career of doing anything that makes me happy so I will continue to hopefully move in that direction.

Swan Lake is showing at Everyman Barnet, Great Northern Road; Vue Finchley North, Great North Leisure Park; and Everyman Muswell Hill, Fortis Green Road, on Tuesday, May 21. Visit for more information and to book.