Elderly and youngsters are being brought together to enjoy one another’s company as part of a charity’s event day.

Ongoing for the past 25 years, Jenny Kossew has been getting children and the elderly to play together and has now set up the charity called Joining Young and Old (Joy).

The new charity is hosting its very own JOY Day on June 2, a free event, organised by Ms Kossew who calls It “a day of fun for all generations.”

Ms Kossew said: “My passion has been educating nursery aged children and entertaining the elderly, both with music and song, for over 25 years.

“During this time, for certain celebrations, I brought the two generations together and realised how much everyone could gain from this special connection.

“It was more than just music that could bridge the age gap - both groups were asking for more interaction as it brought them so much happiness.”

For the children, the sessions are designed to help develop confidence, communication and listening skills.

Ms Kossew said: “The children thrive on the undivided attention given to them.

“They learn to develop sensitivity to, and respect for the needs of the elderly, and become much more at ease with the generational gap.

“This benefit is crucial to this new generation entering an ever-ageing world.”

JOY has also been endorsed by the Mayor of Barnet. Cllr Reuben Thompstone said: “As the youngest ever Mayor of Barnet, with a young son who dearly loves his grandparents, I am delighted to endorse the work of Jenny Kossew, and the JOY initiative here in Barnet.

“I was delighted to meet Jenny twice already this year and see the joy she brings to so many of our youngest and oldest residents.

“I wholeheartedly support the growth of these programmes and look forward to seeing JOY activities as a regular feature across the borough.”