A 103-year-old has celebrated her birthday, surrounded by some 30 relatives whose ages span four generations.

On April 5, Ethel Fedor’s family organised a tea party for her at the Jewish Care’s Lady Sarah Cohen House in Friern Barnet.

During the tea party, Ethel led a rendition of Ce Sera Sera, in response to questions about how she came to reach the age of 103, saying: “I’ll never know how I came to get to this age, but it’s lovely to be surrounded and supported by my family today!”

Ethel, who was born April 5 1916, said: “I think getting to this age is luck.

“I’ve had my sorrows, but my wonderful daughter Ros, my grandchildren and all my family keep me going.

“My proudest achievement is having such a loving, caring family with 11 great-grandchildren.”

Ethel was born in Shoreditch. She lived in North Finchley for 26 years and before that in Islington.

Talking about her life, she says: “I wanted to be a writer when I was younger, but it wasn’t really possible for a poor young woman from the East End, so I left school young to work, like a lot of my generation.

“That’s how it was.”

After leaving school young, she worked as a mender at her aunt's shop in Cannon Street. After the Second World War she learnt to type at night school and worked as a temp for many years, including legal secretarial work.

Ethel and her husband, Percy, met through their local cycling club.

She said: “When I was younger, my brother and I were members of the Clarion Cycling Club, who had groups all over London.

“My brother sold Percy a bike and that’s how we met. He was in the club too and cycled all over the world.

“We soon married and used to go on cycling holidays together.”

Percy and Ethel were married for 43 years.

Ethel’s daughter, Ros, added, “Mum is an inspiration to us all. Celebrating her Birthday at Lady Sarah Cohen House was fabulous, and we are all very proud of her.

“She has taught me so much during her lifetime especially that family is the most important thing of all.

“Her wisdom has encouraged and helped me throughout my life, and I hope we can spend many more good times together.”