Bees will be able to buzz through the borough thanks to a special ‘wildflower corridor’.

Flowers will be sown in parks and open spaces to create a habitat for bees in a bid to boost their numbers amid fears many species are dying out.

Pesticides and the loss of wild areas have been blamed for the decline of a third of the UK’s species of bees and hoverflies.

Experts fear the problem – which is being seen across the world – could hit food supplies, as bees play a vital role in pollinating crops.

The bee corridor was proposed by Labour councillor for East Barnet Cllr Laurie Williams in a members item at Tuesday’s (June 4) environment committee.

It will link up with a similar scheme already running in neighbouring Brent.

Labour councillor for Woodhouse Cllr Geof Cooke said: “There is quite a lot of concern that bees and other insects generally are under stress, and humans rely on them for pollinating crops.

“Brent has taken some action to protect areas that are attractive to bees in the hope that this can provide a connection for bees to migrate as they wish.

“The suggestion is we do what Brent has done, and this will be doing our bit to help stop the decline in the bee population.”

Members of the committee agreed unanimously to draw up plans for the bee corridor.