A teenager has taken inspiration from his father and grandfather to become the third generation of his family to join the Met.

After successfully completing his training in Hendon, 19-year-old PC Frazer Briers was posted as an emergency response officer in Islington.

He followed in the footsteps of his dad, Inspector Andy Briers, as well as his grandfather Norman Briers, who is a retired Detective Chief Superintendent.

Frazer said: “I have always looked up to both my dad and grandad.

“I grew up with a family that told me stories about their experiences in the job and about the various opportunities that are available In the Met. It was clear to see the enjoyment that they got out of the job. This ultimately influenced me to join and follow in their footsteps.

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(Frazer's father Andy Brier)

“I joined the job so that I could have those experiences of my own and to explore the array of opportunities that are now available to me.”

His father Andy, 53, joined the force in 1991 after completing a degree in teaching and he was attached to Central Specialist Crime.

He said he is looking forward to "hand the baton" over to Frazer as his father Norman did almost 30 years ago.

Andy said: “When Frazer joined I was as proud as any parent would be.

“As a head boy and an A grade student he could have done anything, but chose a career path in the Met. I’m sure that good things are ahead for him. I wish I had the variety of opportunities he has now when I was his age.”

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(Grandfather Norman Briers)

Norman, 83, also spoke of his joy at the news, who now has two of his sons and grandson in the Met.

He was the first of the Briers family to join the Met in 1958 after serving in the RAF for three years.

Norman said: “I was very proud and pleased when they joined because I knew that they would have very varied and interesting life in service.

“Many of my contemporaries will agree that we had the best years in the Job between 1958 and 1988. Since then there has been great progress in the fight against crime with the advent of advanced technology and sophisticated forensics.”