A dad is appealing to people in Barnet to help find a lost drone he was gifted for father’s day.

Ricky Curzon, 39, from Stevenage, was given the small drone by his wife and two sons, aged five and eight.

When visiting his sister-in-laws on Hadley Road in Barnet on Sunday (June 16), Mr Curzon decided to set up the drone after being “badgered” by his sons.

He managed to get it to fly, but it “very quickly” landed in one of the garden trees.

Despite the set back, Mr Curzon was determined not to be beaten – having managed to fly the drone out of the tree.

But he then flew the drone up at an angle and it disappeared over neighbouring houses and hasn’t been seen since.

Mr Curzon said: “We walked the local area for some time see if it landed on the street, I tried to scan for its built in wifi on my phone to see if I could locate it, but this was not meant to be. We knocked on a couple of doors on the street on Potters Road, however still no luck!

“So I went back with my head lowered in shame, to tell my not-so-very happy wife, and my two very upset sons that I could not find it. This was a sad ending to a lovely day.

“A drone, a fun bit of kit, a present that I basically made vanish with five minutes has to be a record!”

Anyone who has found the drone is asked to email our reporter James Cowen: james.cowen@newsquest.co.uk