A protestor has spoken about protests happening in Golders Green over the usage of concentration camps in China.

The protests take place outside the Hampstead branch of the Chinese Embassy – and have been going on for over three months.

It aims to highlight this issue of around three million women, men and children held in concentration camps in Western China.

Andrew, who only gave his first name, felt that the situation going on in China was “really, really troubling”.

He said: “The goal of the protests is to raise public awareness so that the world will start to take action.”

“If it can start the ball rolling and get enough people concerned then action will happen.”

Andrew, who is a businessman from Golders Green, added if nothing happens, it could turn into a situation like the Holocaust.

He said: “The embassy is ignoring us and is not interacting with us at all.

“Something on this scale has only happened once before in history and that led to the Holocaust.

“It’s not at that stage yet but if the world does nothing then it could well turn into that.”

The protests, which aim for concentration camps to close in Western China, take place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 6-7pm.