Students and commuters are causing “intolerable” parking problems for people living on a town centre street, according to a group of residents.

People living on Prince of Wales Close, Hendon, claim parking spaces that should be reserved for residents are being taken up by students at nearby Middlesex University and commuters from as far away as Luton.

They say the problems have been going on for months – but Barnet Council and its housing arm Barnet Homes have been “unsympathetic”.

More than 60 people signed a petition calling on the council to put in controlled parking zones that would stop non-residents taking up spaces.

Lead petitioner Sharon Rind told Hendon Area Committee on Wednesday (June 26) that students had been blocking access to garages and parking across more than one space.

She said: “The majority of residents are supportive of this petition, as we have all had to endure the damage that comes with the students: the rubbish they throw out of their cars, the drug-taking I have personally witnessed – not to mention the student who crashed into my car.

“You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to go out in the morning and not know where you are going to park.

“The stress of this intolerable situation is a serious risk to the health and safety of the residents, some of whom are elderly or sick.”

The problems started when a contract between Barnet Homes and private firm Wing Parking ended more than two years ago, meaning residents were no longer given parking permits for the street.

Jamie Cooke, director of transportation and highway commissioning, told the committee putting in a controlled parking zone would be difficult because the road is not “adopted highway”.

This means the road is currently privately owned and not managed by the council.

Mr Cooke said he had been speaking to Barnet Homes and senior management with a view to introducing controlled parking zones.

He added he was “reasonably hopeful” this would be possible but it was hard to give a definite timescale.

Conservative councillor for Hendon Cllr Nizza Fluss called for a “tight timescale” because the problem had been affecting residents for such a long time.

Mr Cooke replied he was “very aware” of the problems and would keep residents updated.

Councillors unanimously agreed to instruct officers to provide a written response within 20 days and prepare a report for the next committee meeting in September.