Police have confiscated a customised pushbike that had been heavily modified - with a petrol engine.

The standard blue bike has a petrol tank bolted to the frame that feeds a small, two-stroke petrol engine - which would have been red hot as it sat precariously between the rider's legs.

Barnet police caught the rogue rider on Wednesday evening, who said they had been using it to commute 30 miles every day across the capital.

Police said the rider was caught riding the home-made bike dangerously - and nipping through red lights.

The rider is likely to face a hefty fine and a driving ban since due to the petrol engine, the bike is classed as a motorbike.

MPS Barnet said on twitter: "After riding dangerously and contravening two red lights, this petrol engine-adapted cycle was seized and the rider reporter for no insurance, licence or MOT, failing to stop at two red lights and lack of due care.

"The rider was travelling 30 miles-a-day through London on it to work."