Drivers may soon have to stick to a 40mph limit at a busy roundabout in Borehamwood.

Transport for London has submitted an order which would see the A1 reduced from 50mph to 40mph on approaches to Stirling Corner.

The revised speed limit will be in both directions of the roundabout.

Formerly 70mph, TfL reduced the limit to 50mph after concerns were made about the speed of traffic. The transport body says this has reduced the number of collisions in the area but now wants to reduce the limit for a second time.

The proposed new limit coincides with a new pedestrian and cycle crossing which TfL is aiming to install by March 2020.

TfL has got the funding it needs for a toucan crossing on the southern side of the A1 at Stirling Corner.

TfL say that the new crossing will provide better and safer access to shops and facilities in Borehamwood as well as residential streets between Barnet Lane and Barnet Road.

To install the crossing, the pavement will be resurfaced to include tactile paving, a textured surface which is used to assist people with visual impairments. TfL is not planning to remove any vegetation during construction.

The body said consultation which took place last year found that a "majority of respondents" were supportive of the scheme.