A journalist has been recognised again for his contribution to promoting the Czech Republic as a tourist destination.

Roger Aitken has been honoured by the eastern European country - this time receiving an award for his work in promoting Czech beer.

Mr Aitken was given the title of 'Real Bohemian Lager Press ambassador' by Czech Trade at this June's annual 'Beer Day' event at the embassies of the Czech and Slovak republics in London’s Notting Hill, said he was "pleasantly surprised" to hear the news and tremendously honoured.

The former Financial Times reporter added: "Real Bohemian craft ale, lager or pilsener is as quintessentially Czech as real ale in Britain is quintessentially British.

"Czech brewing methods are perhaps unparalleled compared to anywhere else in Europe or beyond, deploying a double- or even sometimes triple-mashing process, longer maturation in cellars and the use of high quality hops, barley and soft water (ideal for lagers) across the Czech Republic."

Martin Macourek, director of Czech Trade (UK), said: "We would like commend Mr Aitken’s efforts in sharing through his writing on Forbes and other media channels the merits of Czech beer, which outside the big and well-known names of Budweiser Budvar and Pilsner Urquell, offers some real gems that we would like to see much more of on the UK market, which we see as a large and significant market."

In 2014, Mr Aitken, who has visited the Czech Republic on numerous occasions, received a prize from CzechTourism in recognition of the number of travel features he had published about the country.