Parents are feeling the financial strain of the school holidays with some revealing they spend more than £3,000 on their children during the six-week break.

Research conducted by children’s day camp provider, Camp Beaumont, also discovered that a third dread how much cash they will part with during the summer holidays.

One in ten admitted they would spend more than £500 a week, costing £12.50 an hour – 50 per cent higher than the national living wage of £8.21.

The survey also found that a fifth spend at least £1,500 during the school holidays and 37 per cent also worry about finding fun things to do.

Jof Gaughan, operations director at Camp Beaumont, said: “This survey results are astounding and shows the true cost parents face during the summer holidays as well as the pressures they feel in entertaining their children.

“However, parents could consider sending their children to a day camp. Not only will they get to take part in great activities such as zorbing, tennis and fencing but they will be making new friends, learning new skills, save parents money and help relieve the pressures.”

But while the study shows that 72 per cent of children are spending the school holidays at home, with three quarters of adults taking time off to look after them.

Just over two in five parents (41 per cent) of parents would not send their child to a camp because they think it is too expensive.

A quarter of people who took the survey said they dread taking time off work to look after their children.

Dr Alice Jones Bartoli, Camp Beaumont psychologist, said: “It’s tricky to manage competing demands, especially in the holidays, and it’s hard work for parents to juggle multiple roles.

“Parents can often feel a multitude of guilt – guilt at taking time off work as well as guilt not taking time off to be with their children.

“On top of all this they can also feel immense pressure to provide their children with fun, exciting and educational experiences during their free time.

“However, by sending their kids to a day camp, they will get to try out new activities and make new friends. Not only can this help take away the guilt away from parents but the children will also be doing something they really enjoy too.”

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