Renters are falling into debt and losing friendships from the costs of attending friends’ weddings.

Property renters – particularly millennial renters aged 25 to 34 - are finding the costly expenses that comes with attending weddings to be a huge burden to their finance and their friendships.

Research from SpareRoom, a UK flat and house sharing site, shows that one in give property renters are falling into debt, with an increase to a third of millennial renters, due to trying to keep up with the demanding wedding seasons.

Expenses like new outfits, transport, accommodation, the bar and gifts seem to be draining the pockets of attendees and even 15 per cent of millennials must even move out of their homes due to costs.

Matt Hutchinson, director of SpareRoom, said: “Different people have different affordability levels, and to hear that some renters have had to move out of their home and move back in with their parents as a result of spending to much money attending weddings is quite shocking.”

The issue of overspending appears to mainly affect millennials. While 43 per cent of friends fell out for not attending a wedding, millennials saw a rise of 62 per cent.

From those surveyed, 25 percent said that they missed their bill or rent payments due to wedding costs, 18 per cent struggle to pay back their credit card, ten percent sell belongings and seven percent move back to their parents.

Around 14 per cent of guests have said to spend an excess of £400 per person to attend each wedding, with the highest cost reported to be spent being £1,000.

Mr Hutchinson advises that people who are unable to afford upcoming weddings, to be up front and address the issue face-to-face.