Shocking images show the extent of flytipping and rubbish which has been dumped out of sight from the public.

Mark Warren snapped images of huge piles of waste which has built up in Mill Hill near the A41 and Bunns Lane.

Anyone driving or wondering by would have no clue what lies between the trees, but mattresses, wood, bags, building waste, and all kinds of rubbish has been dumped near Pentavia Retail Park.

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Mr Warren, who lives in Mill Hill, said: "The dark and hidden side of our lovely Mill Hill.

"This has been going on for quite some time. The situation is getting out of hand. It is sickening that people can treat an area like this. They have taken a beautiful area and turned into a dump. "It looks like tipper trucks must have been down here to throw away this much waste."

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The land in the area is owned by various organisations which has led to a delay in clearing up the waste. Meadow Residential has cleared some of the rubbish which was visible to the public.

A spokesperson for Meadow Residential said: "The land is in various ownerships and whilst Meadow Residential has cleared the majority of the waste on its land, there is waste on adjoining land owned by Transport for London (TfL). We remain in contact with TfL to gain access to its land to assist with removing the balance of the waste as soon as possible."

Last month, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan approved plans to turn redevelop the disused Pentavia Retail Park into 844 homes with some towers blocks 15 storeys high.

Barnet Council had refused the scheme following more than 680 objections but Mr Khan gave the green light following a public hearing at City Hall on July 25.

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