A man says he was fined for parking on his own street thanks to a mix-up by the council.

Danny Sewell, who lives on Montrose Avenue, Burnt Oak, was given a £55 ticket by Barnet Council after parking restrictions were rolled out along the street in July.

But he says he was the victim of an “incompetent” roll-out of the controlled parking zones, as he had repeatedly tried to register his vehicle with the council.

He said: “I cannot comprehend how a council can fine you for parking outside your own residence if they do not give you the means to purchase a permit.

“It seems totally incompetent.”

Mr Sewell said he tried to buy a parking permit online in May after seeing signs telling residents the parking restrictions would be introduced.

But when he tried to input his details, he was told his postcode wasn’t recognised.

Mr Sewell said he called Barnet Council’s parking permit department and was told not to worry, as the restrictions would not come into force until July 10.

He was told the problem was probably happening because they were still working on the computer system.

Mr Sewell said: “I kept trying daily to purchase a permit, but with the deadline approaching I phoned them again.

“I was told that if I sent in my V5 car registration form, they would put that as proof that I was trying to purchase a permit, and I would be exempt from receiving a parking fine until they got my postcode added to their system.”

On June 18, Mr Sewell was given a parking ticket that had “zero charges” written on it – which he assumed was because he had been classed as exempt.

He said: “I then phoned the council numerous times and was informed I needed to send a request for my post code to be added to their system – which I promptly did, only to be told later I had been given the wrong email address and was then given another address to send it to.

“I received another ticket in July, which was a penalty of £55. I challenged it and was informed I would have to pay the fine, which I did so as not to incur an extra fine.”

Mr Sewell said he had paid the fine but wanted to make people aware of the council’s bungle in case other people had been affected by it.

A Barnet Council spokesman said: “We are currently in the process of fully looking into the issues experienced by Mr Sewell.

“However, we have now cancelled the penalty charge issued to him as a gesture of goodwill. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.”