Campaigners have called for urgent action to tackle dangerous driving after a string of accidents on suburban roads.

Parents and children called for lower speed limits and other traffic-calming measures near Martin Primary School in Plane Tree Walk, East Finchley – and warned councillors the risk of accidents would rise as winter set in.

Earlier this year, two people were killed and a father and daughter were injured in accidents on roads in East Finchley.

More than 2,000 people subsequently signed a petition calling for a 20mph zone to be introduced across the whole ward.

The father and daughter were injured on a pelican crossing near the junction between High Road and Church Lane, just outside Martin School.

Campaigners want the crossing to be made safer after drivers were spotted speeding and regularly jumping red lights.

Parents and children spoke of the shock and trauma they experienced after the accident at a meeting of Barnet’s environment committee on Wednesday (September 11).

Sam Candler, whose younger sister attends Martin School, said: “I was in reception when the local community asked the council to make the school crossing safer.

“I am now in my second year at secondary school and still waiting for improvements. My little sister still goes to Martin Primary School. I want to know she is able to walk to and from school safely.

“The accident was so scary for all of us. I am worried that next time it is going to be even worse.”

Collette Symonds told councillors her son was traumatised for weeks after the accident.

She said: “We teach children from an early age to only cross when the green man shows – but what happens when the green man no longer guarantees their safety?”

Cllr Alison Moore (Labour), East Finchley, called for short-term improvements at the crossing as winter approaches and the evenings get darker.

As well as 20mph zones, the council could put in anti-skid surfaces, better lighting and speed tables near the junction.

Jamie Blake, the council’s executive director of environment, told the committee some of the proposed measures – such as rephasing the lights at the crossing – may not be possible, or would at least take some time to implement.

He added that a camera to catch drivers jumping red lights – suggested by Cllr Laithe Jajeh (Conservative) – would probably be for the police to consider.

But Mr Blake said council officers would draw up a series of improvements that could be made quickly, such as speed tables and anti-skid surfaces, and report back to the committee.

These could come on top of measures such as repainting road markings and traffic signal signs that have already been agreed by councillors.

Committee chairman Cllr Dean Cohen (Conservative) said he did not think a 20mph zone across the whole East Finchley ward would be effective.

But he suggested creating a series of 20mph zones on roads that experience the most serious problems.

Cllr Cohen’s motion – which was backed unanimously by the committee – will see a list of possible 20mph zones drawn up in consultation with the school and ward councillors.

This will then be considered by Finchley and Golders Green area committee, where councillors will decide whether to go ahead with the plans.